Amendments in the renewable energy sources (RES) regulatory framework were introduced by Law 4062/2012 concerning the use of the former Greek airport of Hellenikon, the Project Helios and the implementation of Directives 2009/28/EC and 2009/30/EC as regards the promotion of the use of energy from renewable energy sources and biofuels respectively.

Specifically, article 39 of the above Law introduces the following main changes to the licensing procedure and operation of the RES projects:

*The sale price of the energy produced by RES other than photovoltaic systems will increase every year by 50% of the consumer price index of the previous year, whereas so far the price was adjusted by a Ministerial decision based on the tariffs of the Public Power Corporation.

*The revenues accrued from the auctioning of the undistributed greenhouse gases emission rights for the period 2013-2015 will be transferred to the RES special account of art. 40 of Law 2773/1999 which is used for the payment of the renewable energy producers.

*The special renewable energy sources due (RES due) which is the consumers’ contribution to the above RES special account, is renamed to special due for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in order to reflect its actual function which is the cost of adaption to climate change.

*A partial operation license may be issued to those projects that are completed by 50%.

*Applications for a connection terms offer for geothermal, biomass and biogas projects which have been submitted until 30.03.2012 have priority for examination by the competent system administrator.

*Photovoltaic stations which have submitted application for a connection terms offer after 4.6.2010 and until the entry into force of the respective amendments are subject to the provisions of art. 9 of Law 3851/2010 as regards installation of PV projects in land of high productivity.

*An additional premium of a 10% may be added to the feed in tariff if 70% of the RES equipment is produced in the European Union or the European Economic Area.

*Introduction of a lignite mining and use royalty amounting to 0,5% of the Public Power Corporation turnover.

Edited by Tina Koutsopoulou