Our associate Maria Giannakaki will present the training course “Medical confidentiality & sensitive personal data of health”, organized by MF Group of Companies in Athens on the 10th and 11th of December 2012, 17:00-22:00 at the MF Training Center at 58, Panepistimiou st., Athens.

The theme of the training course includes inter alia: medical confidentiality-Code of Medical Ethics, sensitive personal data of health, conditions for access to medical records’ data and their use in courts, transfer of sensitive personal data of health to insurance companies, patient’s electronic health records, data breach notification, as well as case studies and best practices regarding the compliance of hospitals information systems with the data protection law (DP Due Diligence).

For more information about the above-mentioned, please contact Maria Giannakaki at giannakaki.m@dsa.gr or you can also visit the website: http://www.mfgroup.com.gr/homedetails3.php?lang=1&wh=1&thepid=2098&comp=&type=sem