Two Ministries (Environmental and Economy) and a Bank, are launching an investment program on green growth, of an estimated budget up to 1,5 million euros, which will be co- financed by private, public and European funds. The program has the following objectives:

  • creation of eco-industrial parks, with units that produce “green” energy, waste management companies, organic production etc
  • creation of consulting companies that will provide to other corporations, energy and environmental services, in order for them to reduce their environmental footprint
  • acceleration of investment in green technology and reduction of the CO2 emissions
  • increase of the percentage of the GDP that will be invested in green economy and creation of new jobs

Until May 2010, a new Bill for the development will be drawn, in order to simplify the procedures of establishing, licensing and operating such companies. The objective is that the steps of the licensing procedures for an industrial unit be reduced to two and that the stage of the operation license be disconnected from that of the environmental assessment. One other positive step would be to disengage the permits to establish a unit in an eco-industrial Park, from the Ministry, so there won’t be a piling of applications and create a specialized agency (following the model of the RES Special Service). Also, small companies that have almost minimum environmental effect could be excluded from, at least, one part of the licensing procedure.