The “One Stop Shop” was put into force on April 4th 2011, in the light of implementation of the provisions of Law 3853/2010 with regards to the simplification of establishment’s processes of companies in the form of partnership or corporation. The Chamber of Commerce and the certified Help Centers for Civilians (KEP) will operate as “One Stop Shop” for the establishment of partnerships (O.E. & E.E.), while for the establishment of corporations (S.A. and L.L.C.), the interested persons should refer to a certified Notary Public.

The interested person has to submit to the authorized “One Stop Shop” all the required supporting documentation and official statements, according to the kind of company wishes want to establish as well as to pay the company’s establishment fee, the capital accumulation and any other fees, as appropriate. Following, the “One Stop Shop” undertakes to perform on behalf of the founders all the required registrations with the Tax Office (for the attribution of VAT number), the General Commercial Register, the Chamber of Commerce, the Social Security Organizations as well as the publication in Government’s Gazette.

In this way, the establishment procedure is completed within a few days, instead of the long-lasting procedure that was in force in the past, while the start up costs are reduced up to 30%.

However, from the above new procedure the following companies are excluded: a. those that come from a conversion or merger, b. those that are establiched for major investments and require special licenses (ex. ministerial decision), c. the foreign companies that operate without a commercial activity in Greece and d. finally other types of commercial activity not cosisting a company according to the Corporate Law.

 Edited by Natassa Kollia, Dimitra Georgaraki