Tania Kyriakou

Attorney at Law
tel. +30 210 7221021

Tania Kyriakou specializes in data protection law, European Law, heritage law, art and culture law, human rights and bioethics.

She is currently a legal counsel for the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Tania has served in the past as legal auditor for the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (2009-2012) and a legal advisor to ESYD- Hellenic System of Accreditation (2006-2009).  She was a law lecturer at the University of Warwick (2002-2006) and an on-line instructor for the LLM programmes of the University of Liverpool (2010-2016). She has participated in several research projects and law-making committees.

She is a member of the National Committee for the Implementation of the UNESCO Convention for the safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage and a member of the Greek Unit of the UNESCO Chair of Bioethics.

She has published several articles, amongst which the following:

«Courts, privacy and data protection in Greece: systemic inconsistencies and incoherence in a rapidly changing landscape» in Μ. Brkan, E. Psychogiopoulou (eds), Courts, Privacy and Data Protection in the Digital Environment, 2017, Edward Elgar Publishing

«Τhe protection of National Treasures in the EU single market” in E.Psychogiopoulou (ed.), Cultural Governance and the European Union, 2015, Palgrave

“Βιοηθική με ένα ανθρώπινο πρόσωπο (Bioethics with a human face)” in Μ. Κανελλοπουλου-Μπότη, Φ. Παναγοπούλου-Κουτνατζή (eds) Βιοηθικοί Προβληματισμοί ΙΙ, 2015, Εκδόσεις Παπαζήση

«Το σύμφωνο συμβίωσης, ο γάμος των ομοφύλων και μία παράλογη θεσμική προκατάληψη (Cohabitation pact, same sex marriage and an irrational institutional prejudice)», σε Μ. Κανελλοπούλου-Μπότη, Φ. Παναγοπούλου-Κουτνατζή (επιμ.), Βιοηθικοί Προβληματισμοί, 2014, Εκδόσεις Παπαζήση

« Ο Ν. 3984/2011 και η καθιέρωση του συστήματος της τεκμαιρόμενης συναίνεσης του νεκρού δότη: μια κριτική προσέγγιση (A critical assessment f Law 3984/2011 on transplantations)», σε  Μ. Κανελλοπούλου-Μπότη, Φ. Παναγοπούλου-Κουτνατζή (επιμ.) Ιατρική Ευθύνη και Βιοηθική, 2013, Εκδόσεις Πασχαλίδης

«Πρόσβαση στα δημόσια έγγραφα: στάθμιση συμφερόντων σε ένα νεφελώδες κανονιστικό τοπίο (Access to public documents: balancing interests in a nebulous landscape)», 2(2011) Ευρωπαίων Πολιτεία

“The impact of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights on the EU system of  protection of rights: much ado about nothing?”στο 5 [2001] web journal Current Legal Issues, www.webjcli.ncl.ac.uk/2001/issue5/kyriakou5.htm


Data Protection Law
European Law
Heritage Law
Art and Culture Law
Human Rights Law
Administrative Law


University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Law School,
PhD (2005), Title of Thesis: “EU Constitutionalism: the great simulator”

University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Law School,
LLM (1998), specializing in legal theory, European law and medical jurisprudence

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Law, Law Degree, 1995


Member of Athens Bar Association, 1997

Licensed to practice before the Supreme Court