Since early December law n. 49828/2008 is in force. The law introduces and approves the special framework of zoning planning and sustainable development for the renewable energy sources (RES) and the strategical study for the environmental consequences of such a framework. The RES Special Framework, along with the industry and the tourism Special Frameworks and under the shield of the National Zoning Plan, will operate towards a complete foretype of land development and sustainable organization of the national territory. More specifically regarding the RES, the new law introduces basic directions and general rules for the placement of such works, which include the Aeolian parks, small scale hydroelectric works and installations for the exploitation of solar energy, geothermal heat energy and energy coming from biomass or biogas. The new law’s intention is to create a clear framework as benefit for the authorizing authorities and the interested corporations, through the balanced deliberation of the competitiveness, the social and economic coherence and the protection of the natural and cultural environment, and always taking into consideration the national, European and international commitments to facing climate changes and to the promotion of RES’ use.